"I own an interior design studio and hire Eddie when we need extra help hanging art, building and installing furniture, or simply running errands. We also use Eddie when we are throwing an event at our studio that requires food & beverage service. His food is incredibly delicious and we have been very happy with his abilities on every level!" 


"I have hired Eddie to cater both my wedding shower and wedding reception. He is such a talented chef! My guests have all told me how wonderful the events have been, how smooth the operation and how wonderful the food tastes. It is very comforting to know that when Eddie is involved, he will handle everything on his end of the bargain and I won’t have worry about it!" 


"Eddie is my go-to guy if I need anything done requiring any work that is outside of my abilities and smaller than a big company would want to take on. He pays attention to details and is very thorough in each and every job. From fix-it jobs around the house to an intimate dinner party, I highly recommend him and his services!" 


"Every year I throw a fundraiser cocktail party at my house and have used Eddie multiple times. I’m always happy with his bartending talents, his ability to interact with my guests and make each of them feel special. Neat & tidy, efficient & accurate, professional & personable—not to mention wickedly funny and attractive, he is always a winning addition to any event!" 


"Extraordinary! I was blown away by Eddie! He came into my house, set up a spread of delicious hors d’oeuvres, decorations, and a full-service bar; worked the event like a pro and cleaned it all up again before he left! You’d never even know I had a party after he was done! Absolutely blown away!" 


"We have hired Eddie to build raised flower beds at our home to grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. We are impressed with his level of professionalism, knowledge and ability. His prices are very fair and we find his services to be a better value overall compared to other handymen we’ve used in the past. "


"Eddie was hired to update two units in my apartment building and as soon as another unit becomes available, I’ll do it again! He completely updated the dated units by replacing the tile floors, installing backsplashes, overhead lighting, updated electrical outlets, ceiling fans, replaced shower surround tiles, hung fashionable wallpaper and modern paint colors. He’s a true craftsman and his services would still be a bargain at double the price!" 


"I thoroughly enjoy Eddie’s cooking and his effortless ability to always accommodate my sometimes difficult dietary restrictions and food allergies."


"I recently hired Eddie to transform my old garage into a fully-functional woodworking studio. He went above and beyond my hopes and expectations! I now have a WONDERFUL, insulated, well-lit, energized, secure studio in which I can do my weekend tinkering. Best of all, he finished the project ahead of schedule, under budget, and he even added a couple unexpected touches to make it truly personal." 


"My partner and I hired Eddie to help update our house before we put it up for sale. He was able to install new stainless steel appliances, lighting, hardware, paint, fix some plumbing issues and even helped decorate to bring a fresh, modern aesthetic to attract potential buyers! He did a wonderful job—The house sold in nine days! All thanks to Eddie!"